Monday, November 23, 2009

[Weekend Recap]

So Friday we went to see New Moon and it was soooo good. I cant believe the way it ended. I wont mention anything in case someone hasnt seen it yet but it was awesome!! I cant wait for the next movie!!! I also got some scrapping done and am going to try and take pictures tonight and post them on here. I also have some scrafs that I'm making as gifts that I'll post on here to. Well hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm excited beacause is only a 3 day work week then I have off for 5 days =D Yippeeee!! lol..I have to start preparing myself for black friday haha

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Katie said...

I have to say I LOVED the movie too! My hubby actually liked too! YAY! I can't believe they have already finished filming Eclipse... I wish they would just go ahead and let me watch it! lol!