Friday, May 29, 2009

[slacking & remembering]

soo I've def. have been slacking on my blog. I set a goal to try and do it at least a couple times a week and its almost June and only have a couple posts for this year lol. Sad I know but I'm going to try and get back into it...

Today was my Dad's birthday. He will be gone for 14 years this year. Wow! It doesnt feel that long ago but it does. I miss him so much. He has missed out on so much and I wish he was here still to share our lives with. It sucks and I will always miss him, still cry over him being gone and love him always & forever soooo much. I'll never forget our fishing trips and getting to help you fixing up things around the house. Showing me how to hammer a nail and how to do a snot rocket lol. I dont want to forget these things and one of my biggest fears are that I will =(
I love you Daddy!! Happy Birthday!