Monday, August 24, 2009

[Lots of Updates!]

I have been slacking big time on my blog. Not even sure when my last post was lol. I have tons of pictures to post. Lets see if I can think of all the stuff we have done lately...Uncles surprise birthday party, wedding, our fantasy football draft, pro football game...I'm sure I'm forgetting but thats a big part of our month. Its been sooo crazy busy this past month I cant wait to have NOTHING to do lol...I just want time to slow down, I mean were did August go?! where did summer go for that matter?!? Its sad to think that summer is about done and over with. Oh I forgot a very important event. Adam started at YSU today!!! I'm sooo excited for him. He seems to be really excited! He just had his english class today and has a anatomy class and math I think. He is going Monday through Friday but only there for no more than 2 hours. So that will be nice!! Well better get back to work!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Show is done and over with. It didnt go quite how I would of wanted it to. I didnt make a ton yet. And I say yet because I'm going to wait a week and have a goal of getting alot more orders. I really want this to work. One thing that did make me happy is I have 4 shows on my book which makes me really happy. I have 4 shows to look forward to and one is in 2 weeks =) So all in all I was dissappointed but it was still fun. Well I'm pretty tired. Gonna go to bed soon!

[Jewelry Party today]

Well today is my "training" jewelry show. I'm kinda nervous about it though. I dont think many people are going to come and not going to sell alot so then its going to be harder to pay my jewelry off. Ugh I dont want to worry about it but I am. I really want this whole thing to work out! If anything I'm just hoping to get at least one show booked. We'll see. Just with our luck lately it doesnt seem like this is going to work out. Well I'm going to go. This is kinda a sad post for me lol....