Thursday, September 30, 2010

[Chance to win a Pink ATG]

I found this blog through another scrapping blog and she is so sweet and giving away a pink ATG. It's open until tomorrow so hurry over and follow her blog  here :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

[Project I worked on this weekend-Bling Baby Onesie]

So my husband is a Detroit Lions fan and its hard to find their stuff. Well I wanted to make him something for his birthday for the baby because he has been looking for stuff but cant find anything. Well I couldnt find anything I like that was really cute so I decided to make my own :) I just bought a white onesie then printed the logo onto a transfer sheet, ironed it on, then went to town with my rhinestones and new I rock tool. I must say its pretty neat!! When it first came out I was like thats neat but do I really NEED it lol. Well I decided to get it to make this and I must say I love it :) lol. I would of finished this last night but ran out of rhinestones so have to get more and it will be all done. I might add some wording but like it alot for it being the first one  :)

[September Birthdays!]

Adam & I have September birthdays. Mine was first and Adam's was this past Saturday. They kinda sucked in a way this year lol. I got a really bad cold. Woke up the day of my birthday feeling like crap and progressively got worse. Then this week for school Adam had to do his one week of afternoon rotation for school and had to do clinicals from 2:30-11 Friday & Saturday so we didnt get to spend much time together at all. I was bummed. Oh well haha. His parents and grandma came out to take him to dinner today and was nice! Next year will be better. No more celebrating age, lol, but we'll have our baby girl here :)

[Belly progression]

I'm so bad about blogging anymore. I have been meaning to post some pictures of my belly progression just havent taken the time to do it lol. Here is my belly from 9.5 weeks to now 23 weeks :)