Sunday, May 15, 2011

[Addison 2-3 months]

Just recap of pictures. I love taking pictures of her cant ya tell ;) haha.. I also started making some bows for her. There is one towards the end I made for Easter :)

[Addison's First Month♥]

Just a recap of her first month. I must say its crazy how the minute I had her my mommy instincts kicked in haha. I was the crazy mom that if you were sick or even thought you were sick I told them to stay away. I didnt take her anywhere (i know call me crazy lol) but it was the dead of winter and we had I swear the worst winter ever. Plus I didnt have a car the first 2 months (thats a whole other blog post lol). But I love being a mommy. She is amazing. Her first month she had her first superbowl (GOO STEELERS ;) ) and she turned a month old on Valentine's Day. We went out to eat at Red Lobster and she did really good. Just slept the whole time!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

[Our first week home...]

Well our first week home was an interesting one haha. We were all getting used to eachother and having a baby in the house and the dogs meeting her etc..The breastfeeding did not work out like I had hoped but I tried and thats all that mattered to me. She just didnt want to latch on or work for her food. After a couple nights of her not eating well I finally just said I'm giving her formula. Her poor little lips were getting chapped and I was worried she was getting dehydrated so I said screw this I'm doing the formula. At this point she had jaundice and needed to be going to the bathroom and eating well to get it out of her system and I just wanted her better. I still tried the breastfeeding but eventually just did straight formula. Now also on top of that I was having to take her everyday to the hospital to get blood drawn to test her billie level. That was the saddest thing ever. She screamed and there was nothing I could do about it :( Also was not thrilled at all about having to bring a NEW baby into a hospital with lots of sick people. I wouldnt let anyone get near her or sit by anyone close lol. I was the crazy mom but I didnt care :) Her numbers kept jumping so the dr. had them bring me a billie blanket to help. I must say that was the most pain in the butt thing ever but I knew it was to help her but boy did it make things hard!!! I couldnt put a shirt on her so had to have her wrapped in a blanket and she had to wear this all day. It was so hard to put her in anything so I held her alot which I didnt mind one bit ;)..Now lets talk about sleep..what sleep?! lol I really didnt sleep much the first week. She was eating every two hours so it was interupted sleep and I was a new worried mom lol. I didnt complain though. I loved the late night feedings and it was bonding for us♥ Ooooh and forgot Adam got sooo sick the first day back home. I think it was a mixture of no sleep and everything that just happened. He couldnt keep anything down and was just beat. So the first 2 nights it was just me and her. He slept in another room just to make sure he didnt get her sick or I. So that sucked but we made it :) ..Looking at all these pictures just makes me smile. She was sooo tiny. She immediatley got the nickname peanut. She was our little peanut ♥