Monday, June 14, 2010

[Scrapbook Room Tour 2010]

Here ya go ladies :) I hope you like it & feel free to ask any questions. I still have another video of something I forgot to put in this video & that will be up tonight. Its how I store my TH distress inks & I've been meaning to put it up especially for Dawn Marie :) Have a great day!!!

[Swap & Prizes Video :)]

Sunday, June 13, 2010

[Not sure what to title this...]

Well I was sooo lazy this weekend!! I did NOT want to do a thing this weekend. I was so unmotivated lol. Not a good thing when laundry, cleaning and youtube videos need done lol. I'm loading my first one right now and I forgot how long it takes. So I'll prob just get one up tonight if it doesnt get done too late. Right now it looks like its still over 70 min sooo I prob wont stay up because I'm pretty tired now but you never know but the rest will def go up tomorrow once I get off work! I'm working on editing the scrapbook room tour now so it will be ready to go for tomorrow and the other ones shouldnt need edited so can get those up :) So for now I'll just leave ya with some pictures from Memorial Day weekend and our 2 year wedding anniversary ♥

Adam hates taking pictures lol and is always messing with me when I try to take pictures as you can see lol..
So Happy we're going to be a Mommy & Daddy :)
Nikki & Ash singing lol...

Waiting on our food :)
My cutie Hubby ;)

Friday, June 11, 2010


I recorded like 5 videos last weekend and my goal is to get them up this weekend. I want to TRY and edit them lol key word try. but i have a scrapbook room tour a tutorial and more :) so keep an eye out for them. Hope everyone has a great weekend :)