Friday, June 26, 2009

[Premier Design Jewelry]

Well its official I'm going to start selling Premier design and I'm soooo excited about it! Their jewelry is awesome and its such a fun job. I can make my own hours, dont have to have inventory and all my sample jewelry is mine =D lol. I'm super excited and really hope that I take off with bookings and become successful doing this. I'm very optimistic about it!!! Sooo now I'll be known to some as the jewelry lady lol.

Other than that not too much going on. Pretty busy doing hair this week. Oh we got a hospital bill for the dog bite so now trying to get that all fixed. Ridiculous is all I have to say about that situation. But heading south for the weekend to finish up his parents porch, fun fun :P lol

Sunday, June 21, 2009

[Happy Father's Day]

Happy Father's Day Daddy!! {R.I.P}

Well today's fathers day, we didnt really do much. Tried to keep myself busy. Mom had a cookout @ 2 and we went there and stayed for alittle bit then did a little shopping then came home. Thats about it, nothing too exciting lol.

Took some pictures this evening up me & Adam, Oh & Tash too =) You know how much I love taking pictures :P lol

Hope everyone had a great weekend =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

[Not sure what to put here lol]

It's Saturday and havent really done much at all, which I'm perfectly fine with that ;). Last night I had my Premier Design Jewelry party! It was a lot of fun and I got almost $300 in free jewelry so far which is exciting. I have to pick out what I want this weekend to get it turned in. Other than that not really much more planned for this weekend. Tomorrow my mom is having a cookout for father's day. But I dont know not really looking forward to tomorrow because we dont have my Dad to celebrate it so it sucks! But I'm gonna try and not get bummed out. Anyways gonna relax for the night =)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

[Cedar Point: June 15, 2009]

We went to Cedar Point yesterday and had a great time. We def. got some sun and we are feeling it today. I have felt sick all day and just feel like crap today :/ But it was worth it...We got to ride all the coasters we wanted and left by 7. We headed out early that morning to get breakfast & then headed there. We went with my sisters their boyfriends and our cousin & her boyfriend. We always have fun when we are together!

I brought my camera but forgot to grab my charger and the memory card. DUH! That might help Tara. I was bummed that I didnt get any pictures but just took one and me & hubby when we got home. The picture doesnt really show how red we are but here's our nice red faces :P

{And I thought I loved you then}

I really like the new song by Brad Paisley. And I took this picture this past weekend with hubby & thought that these lyrics fit well =). If you havent heard the song you def. should listen to it, its a great song! Welp thats all I have for this post lol.

Monday, June 8, 2009

[Another interesting day]

Well this weekend my neck didnt get better is actually got worse!! So first thing this morning I called the doctor to get into his office to have a look. Well he told me he thought it looked like shingles [yes I freaked out alittle lol] and he wanted me to go to a dermatologist. So I got an appt for the afternoon and couldnt go back to work. The derm. ended up saying it wasnt shingles and it just looked like I had a bad allergic reaction or poision ivy. He really didnt give a straight answer lol. But had to get new antibiotic and a cream and we'll see how that goes. I have to be on it for 2 weeks then go back for him to look at it.

This is how I felt about the whole day lol. I am relieved that it was only an allergic reaction though and not shingles!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

[If it's not one thing its another]

Sooo yesterday afternoon I started scratching my neck and felt bumps and looked in the mirror and had welts on my neck. Great, right?! lol...So I started thinking that I was maybe having an allergic reaction to the anitbotics I'm on for the dog bite. Mom called the doctor this morning and said dont take them anymore and take some Clariton to make the icthing stop. Sooo like my title said if its not one thing its another. lol. I know I will look back at all this and laugh but right now it's like can I get a break?! lol

This weekend we are heading down to Adam's parents to repaint their porch at the other house. So hopefully that goes smoothly. Hope this weekend is better than that last :P

Thursday, June 4, 2009

[Making Memories of Us]♥

May 31, 2008 I woke up excited anxious and full of emotions. I was going to marry my best friend & couldnt wait!! Fast forward to May 31, 2009. I cant believe its been a year already!?! It went by sooo fast. It wasnt exactly what I had planned but all that mattered is that we got to spend it together!! We just relaxed most of the day since I was still pretty sore. We went to lunch with Nikki, Keith & Ash and then went to dinner at Yamato's. It was sooo yummy!!!

On our way to Yamato's!![We were excited!! lol]

So here's to year 1. It was a rough year but also amazing! I cant wait to see what the future holds for us. I l♥ve you baby!!! Happy one year!!! MUAH♥

Who let the dogs out?!

I just couldnt help putting that title lol. This past weekend was quite an eventful one. It was our anniversary weekend & I had high hopes for it. I took off two days so we would have a long weekend and was sooo excited for it!! Well Saturday morning I went and got my hair cut, which I l♥ve, then I called Nikki to see if she wanted to go on a bike ride. (We decided earlier in the week that we really wanted to start exercising). So we got on our bikes and to find out they needed air so we decided to go to BP to get some. Well you're probably wondering why I'm going on about this. We were almost to BP when we passed this house that had a dog on the porch. Well that dog was not chained up & came running off that porch after us. First she went after Nikki but she swurved sooo then it came after me & bit me on the leg right underneath my butt. It happened so fast I didnt even know what to think but then it started burning ALOT. It hurt so bad I couldnt stop myself from crying. So needless to say we ended up at the ER and got it all cleaned up, got a tetinus shot & prescribed 2 antibiotics. This just really bummed me out because I was in pain and couldnt move around too well or sit too well sooo we couldnt go anywhere for our anniversary =(

But we tried to make the best of it. I'll post more about what we did! Here are some pictures of my leg.

This is shortly after it happened & the second one is that night...