Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who let the dogs out?!

I just couldnt help putting that title lol. This past weekend was quite an eventful one. It was our anniversary weekend & I had high hopes for it. I took off two days so we would have a long weekend and was sooo excited for it!! Well Saturday morning I went and got my hair cut, which I l♥ve, then I called Nikki to see if she wanted to go on a bike ride. (We decided earlier in the week that we really wanted to start exercising). So we got on our bikes and to find out they needed air so we decided to go to BP to get some. Well you're probably wondering why I'm going on about this. We were almost to BP when we passed this house that had a dog on the porch. Well that dog was not chained up & came running off that porch after us. First she went after Nikki but she swurved sooo then it came after me & bit me on the leg right underneath my butt. It happened so fast I didnt even know what to think but then it started burning ALOT. It hurt so bad I couldnt stop myself from crying. So needless to say we ended up at the ER and got it all cleaned up, got a tetinus shot & prescribed 2 antibiotics. This just really bummed me out because I was in pain and couldnt move around too well or sit too well sooo we couldnt go anywhere for our anniversary =(

But we tried to make the best of it. I'll post more about what we did! Here are some pictures of my leg.

This is shortly after it happened & the second one is that night...

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