Sunday, January 18, 2009

[It's a little late but..]

Here are some Christmas pictures! I really wanted to post some so here is a review of the Holidays. As crazy & hectic as they were we had a really nice Christmas. We visited with tons of family and had a blast! There's never enough time to spend with everyone and wish we could spend more but anyways here ya go =)

Christmas Eve we got up REALLY early...It was like 5:30a.m. which isnt that bad but thats early for me!! :P We headed south to visit Ricky, Tracy & Johnny to do our gift exchange. After that we headed to Adams parents and as soon as we got there we let the dogs out and headed to Adam's Grandma & Grandpa Hunter's to start the Christmas celebrations off. After that we headed his Grandma Donna's to end the night. Then we were up bright & early Christmas morning to spend with Adam's family. After we opened gifts and had a yummy breakfast we headed back north to go to my Mom's for Christmas Day. Are you tired yet reading this ;P lol...We spent a couple of hours at my Mom's and then we headed home to relax and nap alittle before we headed up with my sister and her b/f to see the CAV'S!! We were so excited and it was and AWESOME game. It was the kinda where you are sitting on the edge of your seats bitting your nails and holding your breath. It was fun =D

So I'll stop going on and on and post pictures....

Well I'm tired and I didnt have all these edited so I need to finish it. I thought I would do them all buuuut I'm tired and I'm thinking I'm going to go to bed...Oh and guess what PITTSBURGH'S GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!! =D OHHH YEA!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

{2009 Goals}

1.Loose weight and keep it off!!!
-I want to get back down to what I was in high school and I know once I start seeing results it will make me want to loose it even more!

2.Really start being tighter with our money so we can save up to get the rest up the house fixed up like our kitchen etc so we can eventually sell it and get the house we really want. We would love to build but we’ll just have to wait and see =)

3.Start cleaning more and putting stuff away.
-I admit I’m bad at that and its hard admitting it but its something I need to start doing!-

4.Start cooking more!
-I really do like to cook, I think I just get intimidated or frustrated with it sometimes. I really want to start trying new things and not just make what I know will turn out good!

The next 2 are my goals for my hobbies…
1. Scrapbook more!!! I’m sooooo behind its ridiculous lol. I want to get caught up with everything this year.

2. I got a new camera for Christmas and I LOVE it!! So I really want to practice more with it. Anyone that knows me knows that I always have one on me and take tons of pictures. I love doing it =)

I am determined to have these all accomplished by for this year! Wish me luck =)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

{Life Through My Eyes}

I decided that I'm going to start blogging. Maybe use this to keep in touch with family and friends that arent close to us. Keep them updated with this or just use it to express myself. I really want to do more with photography so I will be posting lots of pictures I'm sure. (No surprise that I'll take lots of pictures if you know me lol). I got a new camera for Christmas. A Canon XSI and I'm loving it!! I have some pictures from Christmas that I'm going to post after I edit them. So I'll be backtracking alittle bit. But I got some really cute ones and we met our niece for the first time! Shes too cute!....So here is my life through my eyes =)

Here is a couple pictures from New Year's! We went to our friends house and brought in the new year with them! Its always a fun time when we get together lol!

The guys being well "them" lol

Jenessa watching the guys acting CrAzy!

Adam was being really silly lol as you can tell...

Adam bothering Tracy haha

I'm looking forward to 2009. Its a new year and new start. Last year was awesome but also sucked. I married my best friend but we also lost some amazing family members. This year is going to be a better one, I just feel it =)