Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[Make the cut- first project]

Well this was kinda just a rough draft but really looooove this program. I made this box and flower. I made a sample to show someone and might possibly be making 200-300 of these for a girl for her wedding favors. We'll see. If so i'll be quite busy lol. I cant wait to make more stuff with this program!! It really opens up the wide variety of projects I can make :)

P.S. Sorry about the crappy picture quality. Its with my cell phone and i didnt get to take a pic with my camera before i gave them to her so this is all i got!

[Valentine's Day 2010]

Seriously this was the best cake ever, it was like a big hoho! it didnt last long lol! We had a great day! It was so relaxing and nice!!! :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

[Mini Album-Gift for my friend for Christmas]

I made this mini for my friend of her 1st daughter! I wanted to make something personal for her for our gift exchange and decided to do a mini. I wish I would of started sooner because it took alot longer than expexted!!! I am happy with the way it turned out but wish I would of had more time!!!

She lost her mom a couple years ago and she was very close with her so I wanted to make sure to make a page for her and i really like the way it turned out. I wish i would of got a closeup of it but I used a pearl white dimensional glue and tried to texture it to make it look like feathers and really liked the way it turned out!
I wanted to leave room for her to journal about the little milestones.
Thanks for stopping and looking :)

[Really?! all this snow?!]

Yea i know these are about a month late but i'm trying to get caught up lol. I couldnt believe all the snow we got this morning. Poor puppies couldnt even go to the bathroom. Where you see Abby is usually were the sidewalk is lol...

[Flyleaf, Chevelle & Three Days Grace Concert- Feb 4, 2010]

So I got a text from my cousin Steve in PA asking if we would like tickets for this concert in Erie. He couldnt make it and if we wanted them he would overnight them to us and we could have them for free. So we didnt have plans and said thanks so much and went and we had an awesome time :)

[i'm so behind lol..]

Well i'm def. not keeping up on my blogging. I have tons of pics and projects that i want to post so i'm just starting somewhere and hopefully get caught up tonight lol...we'll see ;)

Here's pics from Jan. Some snow pics and pics of the dogs with their hoodies on haha. They are too darn cute :) We decided it was time to change the color of our living room and picked this blue to go with our rug we got months back...
These are the blind that were in the house when we got them and as you can see they arent too pretty. the dogs broke the one section by go buck at the mail man one day. We found these wooden ones at Ollie's for about $6!!! We couldnt pass it up and it looks sooo much better and looks so much warmer in the living room. We love it :)