Monday, March 29, 2010

[i'm so behind lol..]

Well i'm def. not keeping up on my blogging. I have tons of pics and projects that i want to post so i'm just starting somewhere and hopefully get caught up tonight lol...we'll see ;)

Here's pics from Jan. Some snow pics and pics of the dogs with their hoodies on haha. They are too darn cute :) We decided it was time to change the color of our living room and picked this blue to go with our rug we got months back...
These are the blind that were in the house when we got them and as you can see they arent too pretty. the dogs broke the one section by go buck at the mail man one day. We found these wooden ones at Ollie's for about $6!!! We couldnt pass it up and it looks sooo much better and looks so much warmer in the living room. We love it :)

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