Sunday, January 18, 2009

[It's a little late but..]

Here are some Christmas pictures! I really wanted to post some so here is a review of the Holidays. As crazy & hectic as they were we had a really nice Christmas. We visited with tons of family and had a blast! There's never enough time to spend with everyone and wish we could spend more but anyways here ya go =)

Christmas Eve we got up REALLY early...It was like 5:30a.m. which isnt that bad but thats early for me!! :P We headed south to visit Ricky, Tracy & Johnny to do our gift exchange. After that we headed to Adams parents and as soon as we got there we let the dogs out and headed to Adam's Grandma & Grandpa Hunter's to start the Christmas celebrations off. After that we headed his Grandma Donna's to end the night. Then we were up bright & early Christmas morning to spend with Adam's family. After we opened gifts and had a yummy breakfast we headed back north to go to my Mom's for Christmas Day. Are you tired yet reading this ;P lol...We spent a couple of hours at my Mom's and then we headed home to relax and nap alittle before we headed up with my sister and her b/f to see the CAV'S!! We were so excited and it was and AWESOME game. It was the kinda where you are sitting on the edge of your seats bitting your nails and holding your breath. It was fun =D

So I'll stop going on and on and post pictures....

Well I'm tired and I didnt have all these edited so I need to finish it. I thought I would do them all buuuut I'm tired and I'm thinking I'm going to go to bed...Oh and guess what PITTSBURGH'S GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!! =D OHHH YEA!!

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