Friday, May 13, 2011

[Its been awhile...Addison's Birth Story♥]

Well its been a veeeerry long while since I have blogged. I've been sooo bad lol but also quite busy ;) I finally got some more room to load pictures again so expect more posts now :) So here is my last belly shot. 38 weeks and that was the last one as I had Addison Lynn on Jan. 14, 2011. I got checked out on the 13th and the doctor said I was 2 cm and didnt expect me to make it to next weeks appt. Well not even 20 min after that visit I started getting kinda crampy but wasnt really sure what they were. I didnt really think anything of it but then they weren t going away and was like hmmmm are these braxton hicks or is it something I ate lol. Well they lasted all night and I slept like crap but got up the next morning and figured I'll go to work and if they are still keeping up I'll call the dr. Well around 10 they were still going and I was timing and I was timing them at about every  8-10 min so I called the dr and he told me to go to labor and delivery. Sooo my mom picked me up and well we didnt go the hospital first. This may sound crazy but we went the license bureau lol. I still had not gotten my id changed because it would expire soon so I figured I'll just change my name on it when I renew. Well someone told me they knew someone that didnt change their name and the hospital gave them a hard time. So we ran there real quick just to be safe. Now in the midst of all this I thought for sure I was not in labor and I would be back to work shortly. Well get in my room and they have me change and the nurse asked me what  I was there for and told her and she checked me. Welllll to my surprise I was 4-5 cm dialated!!!! I was like WHAT?! and I was having contractions every 2 min. So much for my calculations LOL. So at this point I'm freaking out alittle bit because I did not think I was in labor and did not expect to be this far along aaannnd Adam was at school which is almost an hour away. So everyone is trying to get ahold of him and no luck but eventually someone got ahold of his instructor and he told him to goo lol. So once he got there I was def. relieved!

My labor was def. not hard at all. I really had an easy pregnancy all together. I knew I wanted an epideral but wasnt having a ton of pain so I waited and they told me to just let them know. In the meantime my water had still not broke so my doctor came in around 4 to break my water. The last time they checked me I was 7cm and they told me if I wanted the epideral I should prob get it soon. So they called the anesthiologist and I tell you I think that was worse than delivery lol and it wasnt getting the epideral that hurt but the shot they give you to num you to get the epideral LOL. The epideral def. helped but I was def. num alot more on my left side than my right. I couldnt even pick up my left leg myself lol. That was alittle weird. Eventually I started getting ALOT of pressure and told the nurse and she said I think its time to push then. So I started pushing about 6 and I'll admit I had no clue what to do at first and was kinda nervous haha but eventually I just pushed with all I had in me. Once her head was coming out they called the dr. to come and he showed up shortly after. I pushed for an hour and I tell you what that was exhausting haha. Towards the end I was getting sooo tired and I was falling asleep in between pushing lol. But then they said she's coming and I looked and there she was. And it was truly life changing. This little girl is the best thing that happened to me besides meeting my hubby! They layed her on me and I just was amazed and couldnt believe we were finally meeting her. She is perfect and I just cant express how much love and happiness I had at that moment. Its so hard to explain unless you've gone through it you know what I mean. She was born:
Jan 14, 2011 @ 7:05pm
6 lbs 12 oz and 18 inches long
Sorry for such the long post but I wanted to make sure I got this typed up so I have it to look back once I get her scrapbook started which I really need to start lol. If you're still reading this thanks so much and hope you enjoy the pictures. I truly treasure these pictures and so happy I have them :)

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