Friday, May 13, 2011

[Our Hospital Stay]

We had a very nice hospital stay. There was one nurse there that was there when I first came in and unforutnally had to leave before I had her but she was amazing and everyone else was also but this nurse she was just special!! We got moved to our room after I got cleaned up and Addison also got cleaned up. We stayed there still Monday morning. And we would of went home Sunday but the dr. tested her for jaundice and the number wasnt too high but wanted to see what happened the next day. Well needless to say it jumped up so we had to do some more blood work the next day but got to go home. I wanted to breastfeed and she did not want anything to do with it lol. She barely ate anything the first day and the nurses kept saying it was ok. Sooo kept trying and she would latch alittle but not well. Well I think her not eating great the first couple days is what also made her billie number jump and she also wasnt pooping after the 3rd day. But more on that on the next post lol...Back to hospital stay. She stayed with us the whole time unless they had to do their regular tests on her and such. She was really good and slept good but of course I didnt sleep because I just watched her the whole time hehe..We were also the only people on the delivery floor so it was all about us lol. Leaving the hospital was bittersweet. We were so ready to be home but I was scared to be leaving and it was all on us. But we were treated great there and loved our experience :)

p.s. sorry there are going to be quite a few posts about Addison. I'm trying to get caught up so be prepared for lots of baby pictures and posts about here ;) I have a scrapbook haul video to fit in there somewhere ;) and want to get some projects started!! So stay tuned :)

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