Sunday, November 1, 2009

[Can you believe its November already?!?]

I still cant believe its November already. Where did this year go??? Way to fast! So I'm setting some goals for myself today lol. I NEED to finish my cleaning and laundry then I want to scrapbook the rest of the day. Sounds good right ;) I really want to get alot done. I need to lol. I got some more ink for my printer so I can print some pictures!! So hopefully later tonight I'll be posting some layouts :)

Oh and I watched this video last night and I'm going to try these flowers. Def. check out, they are sooo pretty :)


Felicia said...

Hi Tara, just checked out your blog... its Fab!! you are so good at photography, i love that you and your husband look so happy!
Have a good weekend,
Felicia. xx

...Tara... said...

Thanks so much!!! I loove taking pictures :)