Thursday, May 27, 2010

[News & Need some inspiration :)]

Well I'm not really going to say much but tomorrow I could have some very exciting news :) Not sure yet if I'm going to tell or wait hahaha :P But I prob. will tell because I cant keep secrets for very long. I also have a graduation party and our 2 year wedding anniversary on Monday so I need to make cards and have been looking but not finding much soooo I wanted to ask you ladies for some inspiration/ideas!!!! Thanks so much ladies :)


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Dawn-Marie said...

Oh you have to tell us the news! You can't say you have some and then say "I may not tell!"

I'm not really a card maker so I don't know if I would have any good advice but you could check out she always has some really cool cards up on her blog!

Happy Anniversary Tara! :D