Monday, May 10, 2010

[Monday rambling...]

Sooo it was just a normal Monday!! Work, sleepy, ready to go home and do nothing lol. I really am not a fan of Mondays!! I think we should not have to work lol..but anyways I checked my blog and saw that i won a giveaway on Scrapadabadoo ..I started following them through Marion. She was talking about them on one of her shows and subscribed to her blog!!! This def. made my day because it was just a blah day week I have a week off and I'm looking sooooo forward to it!!! I just want to relax and get some things done around the house! We wont be going anywhere. Just dont have the money right now unfortunally. But when Adam starts back up working after finishing up school I tell you what we are going on a LOOOONG vacation lol. In a couple weeks it will be 2 years since our last vaca and that was our honeymoon. Sad thing is we have only been on 2 vacations since we've been together and that will be 7 years this year. Makes me sad but some day we'll be able to take more :) Well done rambling for now but you know I cant post without a picture or two ;) haha

These are from the night we picked up the pups. Arent they adorable!! quite an interesting story behind it. We had been looking online to get ONE puppy and we found one, Brady below, and the day we had to go pick them up we had a HUGE snow storm. It took us like double the time to get there because the roads were so bad and there we accidents. We were wondering if it was a sign but it wasnt love them to death lol..but we get to the driveway of the breeders house and its this long driveway with a huge steep lol. well we made it up there and went inside and they said they had just 2 left from this litter. A male and female and the female was the runt of the litter. Well they brought them both out and we couldnt resist and felt so bad seperating them so we got them both  :D lol. Wouldnt change a thing :)

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Dawn-Marie said...

Congrats on winning! :D Heck, it has been about 2 years since we went on vacation too. I seriously need one!

Those pups are sooooooooooooo cute! :D