Thursday, October 22, 2009

[Lots of rambling & good new]

Well I'll start with the good news. My hubby got his unemployment extended, whew!! That was stressing me out. That was a HUGE relief for us!!! We have been super busy. With work and hubby's school. I just cant wait to just relax and not have so much on our plate. But it will be awhile for that lol soo just have to wait!! I have 2 jewelry parties the first week of November which will help and I'm supposed to start getting my money for the dog bite starting next month! I have to finish up my halloween mini for TWS swap! It's been alot of fun to make and I'll def. post pictures of the one I received and the one I made once I get it all finished up. Going to try and do that tonight! Well I better get back to work ;) lol

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