Thursday, September 24, 2009

[Recap of July] Part 1

I’m soooo behind on my blog so I’m going to be doing recaps of the last couple months to get caught up and hopefully keep up on it, but we’ll see lol…So these next couple of posts are going to be pretty long with lots of pictures [everyones knows how much I love to take pics ;)] So here’s July: Just some random pics of me & hubby then we had Rickys surprise birthday party at the bowling alley. We always have fun when we get together!! Then just some pics of me & hubby, Grandmas birthday party & our new t.v. because our old one bit the dust :(

Ricky & Tracy's daughters Scarlet & Jenessa [they are adorable!]
She had to show me how she dances & shakes her butt [it was hilarious!]
Guys group shot: as you can tell they are very ornery lol

Then we had the guys "try" and take pics of us but it was just funny lol

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