Monday, April 12, 2010

[Life on the Scrap Beach:Challenge 6]

Here's my desk. This is after the third challenge. I have been trying to get better at cleaning up after each project and I'm pretty happy with my desk haha. I didnt get to finish my third challenge because I ran out of atg tape :( ugh, so bummed!!! Last pic is a corner of the room. I plan on doing a video of my scrap room and hope to have it up by this week!! Have a great day and good luck to everyone today with Jenn's prizes :D


Live.Teach.Create said...

I love the Hot Mess Tara! You even have a hottie in your hot mess!

Jill W. said...

I love your layout and I love your room....great place to play!!

Sandra Dee said...

Hey Tara where did you get that rack you have stamps hanging from? Didn't get a full glimpse of the photo since I checked it out from my phone. Insomnia, ugh!!! Anyway, I'm not going to quit scrapbooking, I have to make it a creative outlet for myself as opposed to a hobby. That's where I screwed up, it will come back to me. I do have a mini to make for my babygirl soon anyway. And the fact that it is your creative side and not a hobby is a GREAT thing!!!

Sandra Dee said...

LOL! Yeah, I meant the thing hanging on your wall. I really thought I saw it as a stand, maybe I was finally starting to get tired at that point. So then you basically created that yourself? Awesome idea!!! I never thought of doing something like that, although I have never thought to hang anything. I would love to do that to display the tags I receive from people and my current project. Can't wait to see a vid of your scrapping home! BTW, I love all the photo frames you have surrounding you! I am big on having photos of the people I love all round me. Should have seen my cubicle at my last job, LOL! TTYS! BTW, thanks for reading my post!!!