Monday, January 18, 2010

[Christmas 2009: Part 2]


This is Christmas Eve morning. Adams Grandma Donna came over and we watched Adam's Sister Amy over in England watch them open gifts then exchanged ours.

Adam's mom is trying to hint something to us ;) lol

This is how I felt about our crazy day lol

This is a sign that Adam got Nikki, it was funny :)

And of course the pups had to get their own stockings!

We got them some new collars and doggie cookies!!

Yep thats a pink Steelers jersey :)

♥ it!!

We were quite exhausted. We didnt get back till 1:30 Christmas morning and didnt get much sleep!

Geeze i look tired lol

I loooove this picture, its so sweet!

Our Christmas Tree :)

Merry Christmas!!! Love Adam & Tara


Dawn-Marie said...

Looked like you all had loads of fun! You are so beautiful Tara! You two are so cute together! :) I love the puppy pictures!

...Tara... said...

aw thank you Dawn Marie :) You are too sweet.

Those are our babies, we love them even though they are a handful sometimes ;)