Monday, December 28, 2009

[Lots of rambling...]

Soo I’ve been slacking quite a bit on my blog lol. I have so much stuff to post. I’m going to try and post tonight. I have my video of the TWS for November. I have tons of pics but not sure if I’m going to post all lol takes to long. But I’m going to do the Christmas ones for sure. Just have to figure out which ones to post because I always take too many =D I might do a video of all my scrapping goodies I got for Christmas!! I got a lot and was super excited about all of it :)

My hubby & I have also become addicted to the show Color Splash!!! We love that show. David is so creative and comes up with combos that you would never consider but look amazing. Its making us really want to redo some rooms in our house. The ideas are flowing :)

Hmm…I thought there was something else but I cant remember now so that’s all for now lol…

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